Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just a Quick Update

I'm still alive!  It's been pretty crazy around here for the last little while.  First, Mom went away for "the holidays", whatever that means.  Right after she got back, she had to leave again for "a funeral".  Not sure about that one either, but it made Mom really sad.

When she finally got back, she got the chiro to come out and fix me up.  Man, I was pretty owie.  Still am a little, but I feel loads better.  Now, she's worried about my stifle and we may have to go "get pictures" made of it soon.  I like pictures, but I'm really not sure why she wants one of my stifle.  I also moved stalls.  I'm now next to a little Quarter Horse, instead of a high strung National Show Horse.  I'm bored!  Especially since Mom won't let me go run and play.  At least she gets me out for walks.

Oh well.  Maybe I'll have some pretty pictures of my stifle to post soon.  (That still strikes me as odd.)

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